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Anping Shiheng Medical Instruments Co.,Ltd. is a specialized medical and sport equipment company which sells rehabilitation medical equipment & sport brace.The company has its own factory,which covers an area of more than 12000 square metres,equipped with four professional operation workshops and more than200 experienced technical workers.It is also leading providers of orthopedic supports in the north of China.

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Self heating waist support

The waist belt can also be regarded as a kind of health care product. It has different functions, it can protect the waist, keep warm, lose weight, and even have some physical therapy effects. So what is going on with the fever in the waistband? The classification of waist protection belt include...

Pregnancy belt

As the fetus grows up, the belly of pregnant mothers will become bigger and bigger. After a long time, all kinds of discomforts will appear in the spine. What should I do at this time? Is there any solution? So many expectant mothers asked. For this, it is recommended to use a belly support. The...

Ankle foot support

Ankle-foot orthosis is mainly suitable for patients with foot varus, cerebral palsy, hemiplegia and incomplete paraplegia. The role of orthotics is to prevent and correct limb deformities, inhibit tension, support, stabilize, and improve functions. Its effects are divided into production effects ...

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