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Anping Shiheng Medical Instruments Co.,Ltd. is a specialized medical and sport equipment company which sells rehabilitation medical equipment & sport brace.The company has its own factory,which covers an area of more than 12000 square metres,equipped with four professional operation workshops and more than200 experienced technical workers.It is also leading providers of orthopedic supports in the north of China.

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Waist support belt

Waist support belt, also known as waist belt, waist support, lumbar support, waist circumference, as a protective gear, is mostly used for conservative treatment of patients with lumbar spine diseases and rehabilitation training for patients after lumbar spine surgery. The waist protection belt i...

How to protect knee?

Knee joint disease is a disease that many elderly people often suffer. With living habits and other reasons, they are getting younger and younger. If they don’t get good care and treatment, they will seriously affect normal life and even lead to disability. Let me tell you about the daily p...

Something about waist support

Why do you wear a waist support frequently? Is it because of symptoms and discomfort in the waist, or because of lumbar intervertebral disc herniation, it is necessary to give some support and protection to the waist. Accurately speaking, the waist support has a certain effect, but it is also a d...

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